Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Ok so...yeah

Well nothing new to really add. I still have barely anything done. Its so hard to do anything for yourself with the constant things life has you do with two mentally handicapped kiddos. I try to stretch myself much thinner, then I think I can handle. I will eventually get myself on a specific routine (though it may only give me 2 hrs a night sleep to get it all done) but I eventually will get there. Though it would help if I did have more help *cough cough*. I really need to get the pesky bird out of here that keeps blurting things out (hehe). I am hoping to post soon with some portraits with some Legwarmers made by Amber of Knotty Baby Wear.

You can check out her blog here

You can also visit her etsy shop here . She has over 100 different styles on sale for $6 w/ free shipping!!!