Sunday, July 27, 2008

Yahoo to the water

To jump start my blog I am adding pictures from our outing yesterday. To bad sissy missed it. Last one is on the road coming back from my FIL's house.

Jumping on the wagon!

I decided it was time for me to do one of these. I thought this would be a good place that I can blend personal and my photography. Since it doesn't really look professional doing it on my photography website. We'll have to see how will I can keep update on here. But everyone has to start somewhere.

This weekend has been a real great weekend for me. A well needed break I should say. I'll start with this, both my kids are mentally handicapped and well I have been pretty wore down lately with both of them, with my mom and housewife duties. Not to mention trying to run a photography business. One of my cousins got married yesterday and a family reunion today. These are in Pennsylvania were all my family lives (I live in Indiana now). I just couldn't go. It's would have been just way to much for me to take care of both kids by myself. Since their dad had to work all weekend. Plus when we get outside, their is no stopping them (which is what made me decide against going). So my mom took my daughter with her to go since she hasn't got to go with her since she was born but my son has. Its been so nice having one less kid. She is my early riser and wakes up brother. So he has been sleeping in, and since they are together to reek havoc, its been a little calmer here as well. I feel so re energized right now. Which has been needed. Now just a day at the spa and I would be totally set...LOL.

Well that's the end to my first post, hope you didn't stop reading way back. I'm off to do the dinner thing. Ciao.