Thursday, December 18, 2008

A yummy alpha

I think I shouldn't be on the computer while sweets are right in front of my face. This alpha I created today was based off of chrismtas bark. If you dont know what that is, its white chocolate with pieces or peppermint in it. Im sure there is another name for it, but thats what I call it. So here it is for you. Remember press on the preview for download

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Ok just one more

I did one more quick alpha while the kids were getting ready for bed, and before I head over to the old house, to finish cleaning up before I show it. So here it is

Some Alphas for you

Yeah, Im still trying to catch up on everything. But in the mist of that, I have been expanding my creative juices. I love to work with my hands and mind. So if I see something I want to to, I search to find out, and then go for it. So to add to this arsnal, I learned how to do alphas, patterns, and styles. To start this out I have 2 chirstmas alphas for you. So here you go!

Click on the preview to download

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Oh My

Wow, I have been so busy I didnt realize its been since the end of August since I last posted. The sad part is everything is still under construction!! Its been so crazy around here with my youngest starting preschool and going in the am and my son going in the afternoon, moving, still trying to unpack and get everything settled in, cleaning out the old house, and trying to sell it for practically nothing just so I can get it out of my hands. So my getting websites, business, and all my crafting has unfortunately been neglected. Its not an easy job being the mother of two mentally handicapped kiddos, doing all the household chores, and family things. Then try to do my own thing. Phew, im getting tired just thinking about it. well I am off again, hopefully this time is wont be months before I post again. But here is a couple photos from our trip out of state to see family for thanksgiving.

oh yeah, My Intentions with the next post is to show off my Baby Cocoons and Leg Warmers that I am in the process of making, and will be offering a special deal on.

Ok so I am not sure whats up with the pictures being half cut off, but if you click on them, it will take you to the full image. I will eventually get this blog thing down!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Under Contruction!

I am working on all my websites and my business stuff. So if something looks like there is something funky going on do worry. Its just me messing around.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The "R-Words"

Just a quick post. Dinner is cooking. I ran into this article just a few minutes ago and felt obligated to post and get it out there. As a mother of two mentally handicapped kids, this hit close to home and in my heart. She hit the nail right on the head.

The 'R-word' is no joke
For the intellectually disabled and their families, it's just as bad as the "N"-word.
By Maria Shriver August 22, 2008
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This has been a year filled with teachable political moments. Racism, sexism, ageism and "change" have been debated at kitchen tables and water coolers across America. But this last week, those gathered around my kitchen table have been consumed with another discussion, one that is not Democratic or Republican -- it's the "R-word" debate.The "R-word" stands for "retard." For the 6 million to 8 million Americans with intellectual disabilities and their families, this word and its hurtful use is equal to the impact of the "N-word" on an African American.
The reason it's kitchen-table fodder is because of the Dreamworks film "Tropic Thunder," which topped the box-office charts when it opened last weekend and which will attract many more moviegoers this weekend. In the R-rated film, which I've seen, a character named Simple Jack is a caricature of a person with a developmental disability. In one of the scenes, the character played by Robert Downey Jr. chastises Ben Stiller's character for "going full retard," and the "R-word" is repeated many times.As a journalist, I respect the right to freedom of speech, and my kids will tell you I laugh the loudest when we see a comedy. But as the niece of someone who had a developmental disability, and as a member of the board of directors of Special Olympics International, I know how hurtful the "R-word" is to someone with a disability. I know why "Tropic Thunder's" opening was met by protests on behalf of the intellectually disabled.Listen to actor Eddie Barbanell, who serves on the Special Olympics board with me, and he will tell you in very emotional terms how the use of that word has made him feel rejected, stupid, demeaned.
Or you can talk to Special Olympics athlete Loretta Claiborne, who speaks on behalf of millions when she describes how the "R-word" has been used to mock and degrade her. She asks all of us to stop using this word without regard to its effect on the hearts and minds of people with disabilities.There is an old saying: "Sticks and stones will break my bones but names will never hurt me." Even when I chanted it as a child, I never believed it. Words do hurt -- they break people's spirits, they break people's dreams, they break people's hearts.Kids will see "Tropic Thunder," no matter the rating, and when they leave the theater and go out to their schools, their homes and their communities, they'll call each other the "R-word" because they think it's funny. They'll do it without any idea or regard to how it makes a person with a disability feel.Too many in the intellectually disabled movement cannot speak out for themselves. It is up to their families and those of us who advocate on their behalf to explain that calling someone by the "R-word" is no longer acceptable and is anything but funny.It's not acceptable in a movie theater; it's not acceptable on a playground. It's not acceptable that college coaches use it to chastise athletes. It's not OK to use it in a classroom or a boardroom."Tropic Thunder" is giving Claiborne, Barbanell and many other individuals and organizations that serve those with special needs -- the Special Olympics, the National Down Syndrome Society, the Arc, the American Assn. of People with Disabilities, Parent to Parent-USA -- a teachable moment. They are ready to join with the entertainment industry to change minds. Dreamworks' decision to include a public service announcement with DVDs of "Tropic Thunder" is an important first step, but far more needs to be done.Just as important, parents must talk to kids at our kitchen tables about how we have felt when someone called us stupid, idiotic or lame. Because once we put ourselves in someone else's shoes, certain names just aren't that funny any more.I often quote the Hopi prayer that tells us not to look outside ourselves for a leader. It tells us that we are the ones we have been waiting for. We can exchange one "R-word" for another: respect. We can teach our children that name-calling hurts.Let's makes the "R-word" as unacceptable as the "N-word." Think of all we can accomplish if we work together.It's one thing in this political season that shouldn't require a water-cooler debate.Maria Shriver is the first lady of California.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Im getting there.

Its been a crazy past month. I knew I was going to neglect this as soon as I made it, but I am here now. Between my daughter's 3rd birthday luau, paper work, photography stuff and getting the kids ready for preschool. I have been so busy. So my first start was to design my own page for this site. I have been trying to find a style that fit me, and I believe this to be it. So much that I have now converted most of everything to this look. My logo, myspace, here, and even my business cards. I have redone contracts and added my new logo. I still have more to do, but hey...I am getter there. Well done with work for right now and probably should get off and do the houswife thing. Need to get the living room clean before my son gets home from his first day of school this year. I'll add a post of some pics from my daughter party and from my sons first day of school (his last year in preschool :( ) probably later on tonight or tomorrow or in the next few day.....well I'll just say when I get to it. HEHE

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Yahoo to the water

To jump start my blog I am adding pictures from our outing yesterday. To bad sissy missed it. Last one is on the road coming back from my FIL's house.

Jumping on the wagon!

I decided it was time for me to do one of these. I thought this would be a good place that I can blend personal and my photography. Since it doesn't really look professional doing it on my photography website. We'll have to see how will I can keep update on here. But everyone has to start somewhere.

This weekend has been a real great weekend for me. A well needed break I should say. I'll start with this, both my kids are mentally handicapped and well I have been pretty wore down lately with both of them, with my mom and housewife duties. Not to mention trying to run a photography business. One of my cousins got married yesterday and a family reunion today. These are in Pennsylvania were all my family lives (I live in Indiana now). I just couldn't go. It's would have been just way to much for me to take care of both kids by myself. Since their dad had to work all weekend. Plus when we get outside, their is no stopping them (which is what made me decide against going). So my mom took my daughter with her to go since she hasn't got to go with her since she was born but my son has. Its been so nice having one less kid. She is my early riser and wakes up brother. So he has been sleeping in, and since they are together to reek havoc, its been a little calmer here as well. I feel so re energized right now. Which has been needed. Now just a day at the spa and I would be totally set...LOL.

Well that's the end to my first post, hope you didn't stop reading way back. I'm off to do the dinner thing. Ciao.