Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Im getting there.

Its been a crazy past month. I knew I was going to neglect this as soon as I made it, but I am here now. Between my daughter's 3rd birthday luau, paper work, photography stuff and getting the kids ready for preschool. I have been so busy. So my first start was to design my own page for this site. I have been trying to find a style that fit me, and I believe this to be it. So much that I have now converted most of everything to this look. My logo, myspace, here, and even my business cards. I have redone contracts and added my new logo. I still have more to do, but hey...I am getter there. Well done with work for right now and probably should get off and do the houswife thing. Need to get the living room clean before my son gets home from his first day of school this year. I'll add a post of some pics from my daughter party and from my sons first day of school (his last year in preschool :( ) probably later on tonight or tomorrow or in the next few day.....well I'll just say when I get to it. HEHE